Friday, June 24, 2022

Cosmetics Industry Goes Green

Environmentally friendly packaging is an inevitable trend in the development of cosmetic packaging. At present, Chinese companies are striving to grow.

According to the news of Japan's NHK TV station on May 6, recently, the "upcycling" business of turning waste into treasure has become popular in Japanese companies, especially food-related companies, which are actively developing fruit peels and other people usually throw away The business of developing processed food from discarded ingredients. A large Japanese food delivery company has successfully made related products. They have made pear shanks into snack chips, banana peels into jams, etc.


This eco-friendly food is an eye-opener. When looking back to the field of cosmetics, the industry and enterprises pay attention to development and also strive to reduce pollution and harm to the environment. You know, with the popularity of natural environmental protection, the advocacy of green and low-carbon concepts, and the pursuit of natural and green production and use in the highly competitive cosmetics track, it has gradually become an inevitable development trend in the industry.

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Sampling Economics in Beauty

In order to promote their beauty products, brand manufacturers will give customers samplers. The volume of the sample is generally between 1ml-5ml (essence, cream), 5ml-20ml (toner, body lotion), 20ml-50ml (face cleanser, makeup remover), the main purpose is to stimulate consumers to purchase the complete versions after testing. According to NPDGroup data, the US makeup sampling market reached 1.2 billion U.S. dollars in sales in 2018, a year-on-year increase of 13%.

Interestingly, in e-commerce live broadcast rooms and shopping festivals, beauty samplers have become the main trophy. According to relevant statistics, in the brand's official sales channels, the market capacity of cosmetic samples is almost equal to that of official packages, and it is still gradually expanding. We can't help but wonder, what is the magic of the sampling economics?

Makeup Samplers

1 Who is making the beauty samplers?

The essence of sample economics is that you can enjoy big-name quality at a lower unit price.

Focusing on this new consumer demand, a new retail format has emerged in the beauty industry—a cosmetics sample collection store represented by Harmay and Haydon Black Hole H.E.A.T. In cosmetics sample collection stores, consumers can buy trial sets of big-name cosmetics for one-tenth or even tenths of the price, and they have a wide range of choices, covering major mainstream brands and a number of emerging brands.

Monday, September 13, 2021

Cosmetics Gift Boxes Packaging Has Anything to Do with High Prices?

There are so many cosmetic brands that businesses have been worked hard on cosmetic packaging to attract the eyeballs of consumers. Really, the exquisite appearance can easily attract people's attention. In this vanity society, visual attraction can drive product sales. The luxury gift boxes play their part in driving the sales of cosmetics and become one of the chief causes of dear prices.

1. Cosmetics spruced up in luxury gift boxes attract attention

Cosmetics are mainly designed for women. The best-selling cosmetics must have a good packaging. How to make cosmetics stand out among many products, appearance is very important.

2. Charming packaging boxes help enhance the image of cosmetics

The packaging of cosmetics is just like the image of the product itself. Isn't it much easier to work out a high-end packaging than a top product?

Cosmetics gift box packaging

3. Gift packaging boxes can boost the branding of the cosmetics

In this digital age, good things will go viral any time, an excellently designed cosmetic gift packaging can arouse consumers' interest, and create internet buzz. 

We are in a constantly changing era. And most the changes are benignant for a better life. Gift packaging boxes no doubt help businesses and enrich our world. But it's equally true, they help overcharge us consumers.

Monday, September 6, 2021

China Demands Cosmetics Packaging Not Exceed 4 Layers

To accelerate the promotion of green and low-carbon development and help achieve carbon neutrality goal, the State Administration for Market Regulation (Standards Committee) of China recently approved the release of the mandatory national standard GB 23350-2021 "Restricting excessive packaging requirements for products, food and cosmetics". 

Excessive Packaging of Cosmetics

Commodity packaging has the functions of protecting commodities, beautifying products, guiding consumption, and increasing the added value of commodities. Food and cosmetics are closely related to the daily life of the people. At present, many food and cosmetics manufacturers are still obsessed in excessive packaging, which is not resource conserving nor environmentally friendly. They tend to package their food and cosmetics products with too many packaging layers, excessive voids, and high costs. The basic function of the packaging itself. According to research, my country's packaging waste accounts for about 30% to 40% of urban domestic waste, and most of these packaging waste are generated by excessive packaging. It can be seen that excessive packaging of commodities wastes resources and energy, and increases the burden on consumers, and the packaging waste generated is even more polluting to the environment.

Excessive Cosmetic Packaging

Cardboard Cosmetics Packaging Boxes

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Skincare Products Are More Than Skin Deep

The skin is the largest organ in our bodies. Ingredients in products that are applied to its surface may penetrate through to the small blood vessels located just below, eventually circulating through the entire body. Just as vitamins and minerals can enter our bodies in this way, so can harmful materials. Skincare products are something most people use daily, which magnifies the potential for exposure to any harmful ingredients. This is especially true for children - the ratio of their skin surface area to their body volume is higher than for adults, meaning any harmful chemical applied to the skin, once inside the body, will have a more significant impact.

Round Cardboard Skincare Packaging Boxes

Skincare Products Packaging

As parents, we want our kids to live happy, healthy, worry-free lives. To most moms, that means getting the best of everything for their little angels. When it comes to skin protection, cleaning, and caring, this means using premium baby skincare products.

What separates a premium skincare product from the rest? (Sure enough, more than the skincare packaging ☺) The primary definition would be of a product that contains only healthy and safe ingredients, and is therefore free of any skin irritants or harmful ingredients. 

Saturday, October 3, 2020

11 Best Makeup Subscription Boxes To Try Before Buying

Pick one of the best makeup subscription boxes to try or to present yourself a surprise gift to excitedly look forward to amidst the busyness of everyday life. Discover emerging brands and tried-and-true products by signing up for the best monthly beauty subscription boxes at a small spending. Hereunder are listed 11 best makeup subscription boxes: (The rankings are in no particular order.)

1. ScentBird - Best Makeup Subscription Box for fragrance

Available for both men and women, ScentBird is a beauty subscription box that's all about fragrance. Perfect for the perfume hoarder, Scentbird gives you the opportunity to test-drive designer scents before splurging on a full bottle. Each monthly supply of perfume is paired with a chic, reusable case that you can toss in your tote.
ScentBird - Best Makeup Subscription Box for fragrance
Pricing: $14.95 per month

Create an account on the brand's website and take a quiz to match with your best scent, and be sure to rate each sample directly on the site to determine which batch you'll try next. It's ideal for beauty newcomers trying to identify their signature scent or for seasoned fragrance fans who want to avoid spending a fortune.

2. Love Goodly - Best Organic Makeup Subscription Box

Love Goodly focuses on organic beauty and wellness products that are nontoxic, eco-friendly, and give back to a good cause. Founders Justine Lassoff and Katie Bogue Miller launched this beauty subscription box in August 2015 with a mission to promote toxin-free makeup (like chemical-free nail polish and vegan-friendly cosmetics) in the mainstream market.

Monday, July 6, 2020

What Are The Inner Packaging Materials of Cosmetics?

 Cosmetic packaging is a container and material used to protect cosmetics, facilitate storage and transportation, and promote sales during production, transportation, and sales. The primary packaging of cosmetics is the packaging container material that directly contacts the cosmetics. Cosmetic packaging is made of metal, glass, ceramic, plastic, rubber and other materials, and plastic is currently the most widely used cosmetic packaging material. More eco-friendly paper containers are still in rare use for cosmetics inner packaging.

At present, commonly used plastics are HDPE, PET, PP, PVC, PS, PMMA and other materials. When choosing plastic as the primary packaging, stabilizers, antioxidants, plasticizers and other additives are added during processing to meet performance requirements, and adhesives are also used in the production of multilayer composites. The existence of these substances will bring potential risks to the use of plastics. In addition, because the composition of cosmetics is very complex and contains a large amount of alcohol, acid, protein and oil, it has a certain interaction with plastics. For general cosmetics, the shelf life and use time are as long as 1 to 2 years.

Prolonged contact between cosmetics and plastics may result in the migration of monomers, additives, volatiles, harmful substances from plastics, causing cosmetic pollution and harmful to the human body. Also possible chemical reactions between cosmetics and plastics would compromise the performance of cosmetics. Decrease the stability and quality of cosmetics and cause deterioration. Therefore, when using plastic products as packaging materials for cosmetics, it is necessary to consider the safety and security of plastic packaging.

Things to Consider in Custom Skincare Packaging Design

 With the increase in demand, skin care companies have sprung up like mushrooms, and competition in the skin care product market of various brands has also intensified. Judging from the current status of the market, the development of the skin care industry is very mature. Skin care products with different functions and uses can fully meet people’s daily needs. In order to attract more consumers’ attention The market share, which is different from other skin care brands, has begun to pay more and more attention to the packaging design of skin care products. Then, what details should be considered when designing skin care products?

Custom Skincare packaging

1. Study the consumers psychology for custom skincare packaging

The main consumer groups of skin care products are generally more women, because women’s love for beauty is innate, and women of different ages have different skin care products, and a large number of women choose skin care products It is not because of a real need, but because of a spiritual or psychological need. For this kind of consumer psychology, when designing skin care product packaging, you can carefully figure out the consumer's psychology, and try your best in skin care. The packaging design of the product satisfies this psychology of consumers. In our daily lives, some women have strong vanity. When buying skin care products, they often buy high-end skin care products to show off to others or satisfy their vanity, as well as some young consumers. Groups, when choosing skin care products, they mainly pursue individuality or fashion to highlight their own uniqueness. Therefore, when designing skin care products, they can be designed according to the psychological needs of different consumers. The designed products not only induce emotional resonance among consumers, but also increase consumers' loyalty to the brand.

2. Material is the basis of skincare packaging

When designing skin care product packaging, we must also pay attention to the physical and chemical properties of skin care product packaging materials. The physical properties usually include the appearance quality, printing adaptability and strength requirements of the skin care product packaging box. The chemical properties include skin care product packaging. The hygienic and chemical stability of the paper components of the box, a healthy and environmentally friendly low-carbon life has become a sound new life concept for many people in China. When choosing packaging materials for skin care products, it can conform to the environmental protection trend of consumers. Choose some healthy and environmentally friendly materials.

When designing the packaging of skin care products, the above details must be considered carefully, only in this way can the packaging effect be better.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Cosmetic packaging trends

 1. Fresh and Tasty

It means that the packaging presents its own style like "gourmet", displaying the core ingredients inside the packaging in various ways, and conveying fresh and natural information. Nowadays, the concept of health and organic is more and more concerned by consumers. Bs have also grasped the psychology of customers. On the shelves of supermarkets and convenience stores, there are more and more performances of the "intrinsic cost" of goods. As a result, businesses began to display the products themselves inside the packaging in various ways, trying to convey fresh and natural information. For example, through simple and beautiful fresh fruit packaging, the production process of cosmetics is integrated into the design. Transparent packaging allows consumers to see the product directly, which is more attractive. In addition, transparent packaging is conducive to giving consumers a sense of openness and trust, which corresponds to the "fresh" statement, and is in line with the new generation of consumers' pursuit of fresh and healthy food.

2. Eco-friendly wise

Consumers around the world are more and more concerned about green environmental protection and the interaction between man and nature. Consumers' demands for safe packaging have evolved, which affects their shopping decisions. In the choice of design elements, "sustainable packaging", in short, "easily degradable and recyclable" will never be out of date and is very attractive to consumers. As for the materials, glass, wood, pottery or kraft paper are all great choices.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

What does cosmetic mean

Basic Glossary for Cosmetics

What does cosmetic mean?

According to Oxford Dictionary, "cosmetic" as a noun (usually plural cosmetics), refers to a substance (such as lipstick or powder) that you put on your face or body to make it more attractive. 
When used as an adjective, cosmetic means  (1) superficial or "improving only the outside appearance of something and not its basic character "; (2) connected with medical treatment that is intended to improve a person's appearance, such as cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dentistry.

What is makeup?

In 1920, Faktorowicz invented the word makeup as an alternative to saying cosmetics. He is also credited with inventing the tube packaging of cosmetics and modern eyelash extensions and the company was one of the first ones to produce everyday wear foundation.
Faktorowicz was also a famous Hollywood makeup artist, who got actresses of the era, such as Bette Davis and Judy Garland, camera ready. His 'Colour Harmony' range of face powder was able to provide more consistent makeup for each individual performer. He also won an Oscar in 1929 for his contribution to the film industry. (Source:

Things to Consider in Custom Skincare Packaging Design

 With the increase in demand, skin care companies have sprung up like mushrooms, and competition in the skin care product market of various ...